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29 Best Pet Beds Ideas

If you want to feel like a mommy but you don’t have kids, don’t worry! Instead of experiencing motherhood with children, you can try it with having fur babies. Wired? NOPE. Having pets is a lifestyle choice and fur babies are as cute and good as any other real thing and even more. We are allowed to spoil our pets hardly just to make sure that they’re living in perfect conditions. 

Making a bedroom for your pets has become a popular activity nowadays. Lay down some lego sets and stickers of cartoons because your dog bedroom calls for food areas, fun toy boxes, and lots of comfy covers and pillows. We thought of you and your fur babies, and that is why we have collected for you some of the best pet beds, particularly dog bed ideas that will make you and you and fur babies feel comfortable and satisfied.

1. Pet Bed with Pictures

Pet Bed

We’ll start first with this wonderful idea. As you see in the image, the wall is full of large images, there are also comfortable beds, they are cozy not only for your fur babies but also for you in case you wanted to take a nap beside them. These dog beds are featured by the multicolored collars which each bed has.

Try them, they add a very unique touch.

2. Dog Beds

Pet Bed

It doesn’t matter whether you are fancy or simple in your choices, there are so many options and ideas for finding a suitable dog bed because your purpose, for now, is to make your pooch feel loved and warm while lying on his bed.

Store-bought dog beds are wonderful, but it would be better if you create it yourself.

3. Dog Bunk Beds

Pet Bed

Have you heard before of the dog bunk bed? Bunk beds are fashionable choices. Moreover, if you were suffering from the tiny space, the dog bunk beds can take over it. Creating Bunk beds will neither take a bunch of time nor the equipment, reused boxes and palettes which you, probably, will find around your neighbor or in your patio will do the trick. 

4. Nightstand Bed

Pet Bed

One more thing that saves the spaces is the nightstand bed. Instead of replacing another piece of equipment, you would better invest in what you have. The result will be satisfying and perfect, not only your fur baby will be comfy, you too will feel the same.

5. Large Dog Bunk Beds

Pet Bed

Do you have a bigger dog and you suffer from this? The solution is a large bunk bed. So that you can get your fur kid in and have fun together. Large bunk beds are made just such matters, it also saves space and allows you to design your pooch’s sleeping area. 

6. Cupboard Bedroom  

Pet Bed

If your home contains a closet or even under the stairs cupboard, then you have to invest in them. They are the perfect spaces for a perfect bedroom for one or two of your pooches. Closet and under the stairs cupboard will make your dog feel cushy, secure, and delighted.  

7. Fluffy Dog Bed

Pet Bed

Looking for a perfect dog bed? A fluffy and overstuffed pillow will do the work. When your dog returns from a very long day of walking, jogging or playing, all that he wants that time is to take a nap in a fluffy bed. He would be very grateful if you make it for him. You can go as much as you want in its elegance, texture, and pattern. 

8. Dog Twin Beds

Pet Bed

All the ideas that we mentioned above are cute, but this idea is the cutest. Dog twin bed looks like an actual little kid’s room. The thing that makes it unique is the adding of the first letter of each dog on that back wall, this way makes the rooms look personal. You can add any décor you want into the sleeping area. How lovely this dog twin bed is!

9. Step Cat Beds

Pet Bed

Do you have cats and they don’t have a special place to take a nap in? Then try this step cat bed idea that will surely inspire you. These cat beds are organized against the wall just like a stepladder. This idea will guarantee you that your lovely cats have a warm bed to sleep in, and at the same time, you will avoid too much mess. Since cats are so nimble and small, they can use their new beds whenever they want to smoothly.

10. Shoe Dog Bed

Pet Bed

Just like what we see in some cartoons!

For your dog who loves slippers and shoes for a mid-afternoon snack, this huge shoe bed will take it in a very relaxing nap. He will love it so much and will never get over it. 

This shoe bed will make an interesting conversation piece.

11. Per Dog Nursery 

Pet Bed

Everything is perfect in this room, colors planned and pursued a similar kind of fantasy theme. If you look closer you will see the bedroom resident with his pajamas that suit him, and he is ready to sleep. This brilliant bed dog idea may take some of your time, but it deserves it. 

12. Cabana Bed

Pet Bed

His dog bed is appropriate for the garden party that you’ve been planning for probably the whole year. This bed is superb and adds a lot of personality to space, every dog will fall in love with this bed especially the noble pugs.

13. Dog Couch

Pet Bed

Tiny dog couch is another brilliant idea that will make your fur baby feel comfortable, give it a try, and put it in your fur baby place. In case you had more than one pet, you will have then to get more couches so that your babies can lay peacefully together.

14. Next to Stairs Area

Pet Bed

If you don’t have a small room for your fur friends, putting them next to the stairs would be a suitable choice. This pet area provides a vast space to gain access to their food, water, and to their comfy little beds. You can also employ a baby gate and put them inside if you wanted to leave them to get some moments of relief. 

15. Raised Bed

Pet Bed

To gain more space in your room and to create an enticing pet bed, it is recommended to create a dog bed in the corner of your room because it is created easily and makes your pet fall asleep peacefully.  

16. Pet Area

Pet Bed

If you don’t have a specific room for your lovely fur friends, this does not mean that your pets aren’t satisfied. On the contrary, every comfy thing can please your babies because they don’t care if the space was fancy or not since it is not comfy. Thus, just a cozy rug in a flat area can make him extremely happy. 

17. Island Nook

Pet Bed

If you spend a lot of time inside the kitchen, it would be a great idea if you make a pet area in the kitchen island so that you will spend more time with your friend, you will make sure that your pet is completely safe, and you will avoid any possible accidental tripping. It is really a great idea and has so many advantages. 

18. Pet Room

Pet Bed

We have thought of the people who consider their pets just like their kids and come up with this lovely idea. You can splurge on a room that seems wonderful as this one. When you see this photo you’ll notice that this dog is genuinely comfortable, he must be so, in such a cozy dog bed.

19. Hallway Pet Nook

Pet Bed

Here’s another pet corner idea that might seem invisible if not opened. This is a kind of pet hideout area that can double as a seating area in a larger home. Scores under the pillows open to reveal a comfortable place for your pets in which they can relax.

20. Designated Pet Space

Pet Bed

This pet room is highly recommended for you if you are among detail lovers. This pet area is distinguished by plenty of details, and also it is matching space to remain all your pet things together. Its decoration and organization will inspire everyone who sees it. 

21. Pet Space

Pet Bed

For everyone who possesses a small pet such as a Chihuahua and Yorkshire, it is preferable to create a space in a closet area or even in a cupboard that was caved and opened. This idea is brilliant because such small pets don’t have a large space. Instead, when put them in a limited space they feel cozy and secured as well.

22. Indoor Pet Shelter

Pet Bed

An abundance of space to take a nap in both mid-day and night, a space for food as well as water and fun toys are all the essential things that your pet needs. It has almost everything that will make your fur babies thank you deeply. 

23. Log Cabin

Pet Bed

This adorable pet setting is found within a pet hosting center. Matching decorations and suitable space are all that you need to recreate such a log cabin set up properly. It is mostly like a mountain getaway in the woods! This pet dog will add a unique touch in your home and it will surely please your pet

24. Small Pet Space

Pet Bed

As we mentioned before, pets don’t care about the large spaces but the only thing that they think of is having a comfortable space to sit and take a nap in. These tiny spaces confirm our saying. This pet bed also has everything that your baby may need. It is also small enough to stay warm because there are some dogs like this covered feeling without actually being created.

25. Dog Teepee

Pet Bed

Just like a tent this bed dog is! Among the most comfortable spaces for your pup to take a nap in, it can be used either by you or your dog and it also can be set up in either your bedroom or backyard. Don’t think that in this way your dog or cat wouldn’t get a comfortable sleeping space because they extremely want to be with their friends.  

26. Dog Basket

Pet Bed

If your little pet was suffering from a certain sensitive nose, you can create a basket from the natural wood that is free from any harsh chemicals or paint. This basket’s look is very enticing and beautiful and would be a great piece of equipment if you put it in the living room.

27. Small Pet Bed

Pet Bed

The small pet bed just matches the small fur babies, this tiny bed dog will make your fur friend feel like he is in heaven because it will overwhelm him with security, but he will find it really big enough when he wants to take a nap  

28. Male for Royalty

Pet Bed

This pet bed looks special and it is, sometimes, what your dog or cat needs. From time to time you have to demonstrate them and make them feel like he is a king or like she is a queen. This pet bed adds a very unique touch if you put it beside a holiday tree or inside your living room and leave it in plain sight.    

29. The Little Details

Pet Bed

There are so many adorable pet characters and expression pieces that easily stick to the wall and add an additional sign to your pet’s space. This is a fun way to inculcate some personality in space and give your pet his own sound. Unusual touches and details!

This was the end of our pet dog ideas, let us know if you found them interesting and inspiring. This is time to start looking for some suitable bed pets for your lovely dog or even your cat and remember all that matters to the pets is a comfy bed. You can also share with us your ideas if you have some to benefit from each other. We will be happy while reading your ideas and feedback as well.

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