Inspiring Home Library Design Ideas


Books are neglected these days, the majority prefer the things that are shown on a video screen than the things that are written on papers and pages because who has time to read an actual sentence anymore. Nevertheless, Reading a book is still the best activity to do at the end of your day or at the beginning of your long weekend.

Laying down on your couch and disconnecting with the whole world for a few hours with your favorite snack or drink while diving right in your preferred book is a wonderful activity. You can feel it even when you imagine it.

Our books are more holy than making them a coffee table dressing or even a hobby because they are a passion. And as you arrange and organize any other collection over time, your books also need to be taken care of, and you have to give them more of your attention by creating them a home library of your choice. The library will impart a special appearance as any other enticing room does.

Here, in this post, we have gathered for you the most 24 inspiring home library ideas to help you in organizing your library and feeding your brain in a wonderful place.

1. Black Shelving

Home Library Design Ideas
Bo Bedre of thespure

Since the pieces of fortune are what distinguish every kind of room, it would be perfect if you started equipping your book area with simplicity, such as some classic chairs so that you can add an elegant touch in your book area

2. Built-in Seating

Home Library Design Ideas
Courtesy of Glam Shelf

It is right that books make the library meaningful, but don’t forget that comfortable seating makes it more meaningful and joyful as well.
So, making a nook reading into your shelves is a great idea to save space as well as not to waste time looking for the books that you’ll read, they will be just beside you.

3. Artistic Touches

Home Library Design Ideas
Courtesy of Loom Brand

To make your home office or your book area look more like a real library, you will not just make stacks and rows of books, but it is preferable to give your home office a little extra personality by mixing the art. In this area, you will hang the artwork on the bookshelf so that you will make everything part of the same showcase.


4. Featuring Collections

Home Library Design Ideas
Courtesy of Camille Styles

So many home libraries look a mess because the homeowners do not know how to organize their stuff and because they don’t donate some space to the other items they have. Let us explain more.

Most agree on the fact that storage is essential to keep all your essentials and books in order, so if your book collection is enough to take up every inch of shelf space, it will be great if you donate some space for the other items that need permanent areas. The division between the components that you have on the shelves as also a great idea to maintain the space looks arranged. If your shelves are containing stacks of bowls in the middle that will not make them look clean at all. The solution is to make them separated and make every separated area clean.
Just like the room in this image, you have to consider linking the shelves to the rest of the room through color. Such as the red color which is on the shelves and chairs. Look at the built-in corner for the love seat.


5. Traditional design for home library

Courtesy of Camille Styles
Courtesy of Yoyo

If you have a home office, you will be better investing in it and making it a home library. Home offices are suitable rooms where you can stay relaxed, and where you can have some peace while reading. More than that, they are in breaking times come you will not go anywhere to pass the time so that you can stay focused.

6. Blue and Brown Color Scheme

Home Library Design Ideas
Courtesy of Home Decor Library

The color is a significant part of whether in-home libraries or any other rooms and spaces. Therefore, well-chosen colors will genuinely add special and unique touches to your spaces. Blacks and browns are wonderful colors to choose from, and also the combination of blue and brown colors will give an unexpected result. Thus, while planning out your space try to limit yourself in these colors. So mixing the warm and cool colors will add more simplicity, an enticing looking, and a precise tone of balance.

7. Dramatic Green Walls

Home Library Design Ideas
Jessica Gordon Ryan

To fight boredom, to make an enticing appearance in your home library, and to add fun to space you would better to rely on bold and energizing green color pallets as well as the joyful seating in leopard prints. Make green the dominant color, mixing green, and yellow add a classic touch. The fun prints exist to make sure that there are not just books, but there are more other things to look at in your home library.

8. Wrap around Shelving

Home Library Design Ideas
Courtesy of Fandom Central

If you love the largest book collection and you find it so challenging to make them appear stylish, don’t worry because you will find a suitable solution right here and right now. For the largest book collections, we recommend this wrap-around shelf that can handle a huge number of books. As for the matchy-matchy color to use is white because it makes it look modern and clean at the same time. This wrap-around shelf is the dream of every largest book collections lover, and now it comes true.

9. Gilded details

Home Library Design Ideas
Courtesy of Crush Cul De Sac

If you are one of the people who love classic buildings, this idea is for you. Your home library can be a fascinating complement to the classic architectural moments in your home. A luxury feature of luxury houses for centuries is an exceptional idea to take advantage of the most interesting areas in your home.

10. Architectural Details

Home Library Design Ideas
Courtesy of The Cool Hunger

The idea in this home library is about showing that to what extent the library profits the architecture of a classically-constructed home. Such an amazing sample.


11. Light Blue Bookshelves

Home Library Design Ideas
Courtesy of Bookshelf Porn

If you have a tight budget, the purchasing bookshelves aren’t giving you all the space, and if the purchasing bookshelves don’t match the space that you possess, you can then think about building your own. It is right that it needs so much work and effort. Still, it has so many features to the industrious homeowner who wants to either build them or commission their construction. The most important thing is being adaptive and to adjust the small areas or the annoying angle. And if you are not in a situation to allow you to build across, build up then.

12. Pink Chaise Room

Home Library Design Ideas
Courtesy of SF Girl By Bay

Yes, the components that we focus on any library are the books, but there are more things to focus on when it is related to bringing the colors into the library than stacks of books arranged by color or painting the shelves. As for the pieces and accessories that you will need while equipping the space are, the color story to the room, a pink chaise lounge, and a colorful Moroccan boucherouite carpet that adds colorful touches to your home library.

13. Pops of Color

Home Library Design Ideas
Courtesy of Arkpad

The astonishing thing about this idea is the red table that is installed in the center of the library. It is also featured by the colorful carpet that gives a lively feeling to the room as a whole. This decoration will offer you a wonderful space that you will surely admire.


14. Green Curtain Divider

Home Library Design Ideas
Courtesy of DecorPad

For those who have plenty of books but a very small space, it is recommended for you to make a separate reading space by using a curtain. It is simple as that, all that you need is a green curtain to create a hidden library that can disappear and appear whenever you need it.

15. Floor to Ceiling Shelves

Home Library Design Ideas
Courtesy of Decouvrir Design

The floor to ceiling shelves can be applied in case you have enough colorful books, using your library as makeshift wallpaper. It has a very nice look, try it.

16. Library with Artwork

Home Library Design Ideas
Courtesy of Buzzfeed

Bookshelves were not created just to show and handle books. They have so many roles. For instance, you can take some rows and put some of your lovely things on them. Thus, this idea will make the best use of storage and will give your home library some incredible touches.

17. Dramatic Shelves

Home Library Design Ideas
Courtesy of Decofeelings

Here is a solution for the ones who love classics. As you might know, the classics can match the majority of situations, so you will not find any difficulties with it. If you are wondering about the suitable palette colors, we will recommend both white and black colors because they add more simplicity to space.
This home library has a clean and modern appearance full of simplicity and classics.

18. Pink and Blue Library

Home Library Design Ideas
Courtesy of Decorar Una Casa

And if you are not fond of the classic and traditional home libraries, don’t worry because we have come up with a solution for you. The pink, gray, and blue palettes are the right choice for a vivid and vigorous library where you can read as much as you want without feeling bored.

19. Two-story Library

Home Library Design Ideas
Courtesy of Dezeen

It might be challenging to reach the books that are on the highest level of this two-story unit. Still, it has a precise built-in architecture, and it will be loved by everyone who loves reading.

20. Diagonal Shelving

Home Library Design Ideas
Courtesy of Vantage

This idea is featured by the shelves that have the shape diagonal with a little slight turn, this kind of shelve is unique, and it is rare to find like it in a home library. They add a daring geometric design to the walls that add immediate interest to your room.

21. Library and Entertainment Center

Home Library Design Ideas
Courtesy of Kvart Blog

Here we will suggest an idea that some purists consider it a height of desecration, for the majority of us it is a mere fact of life. The idea is to add a television in your collection, and to apply this idea with a little of luxury, hang the television inside the interior center to offer it the appearance of a framed wall art and the sense of making it as a piece in your home library.

22. Featuring Colorful Books

Home Library Design Ideas
Courtesy of Marcus Design

If the books’ colors are not matchy-matchy, you can make layers of color in your area.
So, a purple chair is all that you need to create any other purple moment, and some of the pink color, an outburst of the shelves.

23. Bright Red Table

Home Library Design Ideas
Courtesy of Nuevo Estilo

Do you think that a long table will probably be soon no longer used? The opposite happens, a long table in your library will give a great sense of productivity, and it will work perfectly whether you have a book club or a business meeting. And to get plenty of space for a group study session or an epic all-nighter, a bright and varnished red table will do the trick.

24. Pottery Collection

Home Library Design Ideas
Courtesy of The Urbanites

In this image, the bar design on the black and white carpet matches the book design on the shelves. Meanwhile, the rug’s soft colors tend to taper down some of the brighter colors on the shelves. With some art and some enticing accessories. And remember, what you put on your shelves are the best way to bring out what you have on your walls.

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