50 Amazing Kitchen Sink Ideas and Designs


When we think about the most essential component in the kitchen, the first element that comes into our minds is the sink. Some people neglect their sink’s appearance forgetting that it is the most element that gives the whole kitchen a good look, and it encourages us to wash the dishes or not to -it depends on to what extent it gets attention from us- and if you are interested in kitchen designs, like us, we recommend to read this post because we have gathered for you the most inspiring 50 sink ideas kitchen that will add a unique touch in your kitchen.

1.  Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Sink Idea

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This kitchen sink idea is classic, and this is what makes it enticing and charming. This rustic kitchen sink idea is made of stainless steel in light grey. The classic touch in this farmhouse kitchen sink gives it a unique look, and in spite of its rustic elements, it became the modern version of sinks. The classic and modern kitchen interiors are smooth and they highly fit your soft apron. You will literally enjoy this rustic kitchen sink. 

2. Black Granite Sink


When you see this kind of sink, you will notice that its design is unique. It is made of granite blended in minimalist matte black. It is multi-purposes. It is a sink in which you can wash the dishes and separate items and a sewer for washed dishes. It is smooth and ground-breaking, and this is what makes it unique.

3. Secret Compartment


Those secret compartments exist in this kitchen island sink to manage and hide the mess that might be caused by the non-attractive items such as dishwashing scrubs, detergent, and sponges. Also, their role is to maintain smaller items organized. With these secret compartments, your kitchen sink will be clean all the time, so that you will do your chores in the kitchen freely.


4. The Disappearing Kitchen Sink Design


This kitchen sink idea is brilliant. Its idea is about the disappearing of the sink when you are done with it. This kind of sink can fit the tiny homes and apartments. By making the sink disappear, you will have the chance to use it as a dining table. You can cover it in an easy and fast way, to enjoy and have more space.


5. Drainers ans Stainers


When the kitchen, particularly, the sink is organized and neat, you will find yourself do the kitchen tasks as it should be because you will do the chores with love. And because of that, we are today suggesting for you to attempt these kitchen sink gear. Drainers, racks, and strainers that suit over the basin make washing the different items easier and faster as well. You can hide them.

6. Flush on Concrete



This kitchen island contains the kitchen sink, and this double-bowl stainless steel sink is placed on the flush concrete kitchen countertop. And for a perfect water control a slot drain is added.

7. Double Bowl White


This kitchen has gathered everything that the kitchen sink designs need to be perfect. It has an innovative double bowl sink that suits the white kitchen countertops, it comes with silver matching pieces of equipment and dish drainer on one side, and it has a 1 and 1/3 basin that helps in reducing water consumption and makes washing of the different items easy.

8. Green Accents


You can make your kitchen vivid and give it more life by providing your sink with some potted plants. The role of these pops is to add a viral sense to the boring spaces such as your kitchen sink. You can also plant some of your favorite cooking herbs that you frequently use while cooking. The combination of the plants and the white kitchen is enticing because it makes the kitchen colorful, bright and dazzling. 


9. Long Party Kitchen Sink Idea


This sink is multi-purposes. You can rely on this basin in your parties and entertainment, it has two moveable faucets. It has different equipment for varied cooking. Moreover, you can wash the different items in it and serve the needs. To make your party drinks successful you add chopping board, racks, strainers, and an ice tub. All these additions will make this kitchen sink precise. 

10. Cast Iron Classic


This cast iron classic kitchen sink idea will add a nostalgic feeling to any innovative kitchen. The white drop-in sink is flawlessly complete the smooth and luxury champagne faucet and the elegant kitchen interiors. This kitchen sink design will never be out of fashion.

11. Wide and Elegant Kitchen Sink Design


With this wide sink you will do whatever you want freely. We rarely encounter such basins, and not all of us know their advantage. This kitchen sink design is designed because it suits the modern chrome faucet, it gives an adequate room, it is so easy to clean, and it will maintain a lifetime. This wide and elegant basin is charming and looks stunning.

12. Island’s Corner


Most of the sinks are installed in the middle of the countertop or in the kitchen island, but this way of placing the sink smack takes a lot of space and makes the countertop tight somehow. This professional kitchen sink design replacement is accurate because it gives more free spaces in the countertop such as the dining area, kitchen workplace, and so forth. That large aluminum sink is enough for all kitchen washing needs, and it complements that modern black faucet and the marble countertop.

13. Black on Wood


This sink combines two sunning elements, cool steel and the warm tones of wood. The result of this combination is that it satisfies the eye. Its large kitchen sink design and sleek surfaces will put you in the mood to wash all the different items. Also, it contains a variance chrome faucet set to accentuate its enticing deep grey tone.

14. Sink Organizer


As for the people who have small kitchens, this trick will work with you. If you don’t have much space in the countertop, you can stretch your kitchen vertically. With this idea, the counter will be empty for you to do your kitchen activities freely. The smooth aluminum finish and the faucet are perfectly complete each other.

15. Copper Charms


In this modern kitchen, you can add a touch of bright and muted colors. The posh faucet and the fashionable copper sink brighten up the smooth black kitchen, and the elegant brightness of copper makes space more brilliance and luminosity. The neutral colors of the modern interior design give real relief.

16. Etched Marble Sink


The elegance of marble and the stylish craftsmanship make this enticing kitchen sink design astounding. And the sophisticated carving on the sink’s apron makes it look more luxurious, whereas the elegance of marble gives the kitchen an elegant and posh splash.

17. Mobile Sink Faucet


This kitchen sink idea is slightly different from the other sink ideas. It highly helps in washing without any difficulties because if you want to wash the fruits, for example, there is no need to bring them to the faucet. The faucet is to come to them. It is called the mobile faucet, and it comes with a matching chrome spray hose. How stylish, innovative, and practical this mobile faucet!   

18. Rustic Concrete on Wood


This kitchen design is featured by its natural components that are shown on their best. The wood counter and cabinets are sleek and accentuate the naturally warm wood tones. The highlight is its concrete sink, sleek and shiny. This kitchen stands for cooking your favorite meals and for the amazing company.

19. A worktop Sink


In this sink, you will find every essential component that must be in kitchen sinks. This kitchen workspace is condensed into a small area. It possesses a fit-in chopping board, racks, a side drainer, a strainer, and a completed set of kitchen knives. The overhead shelf can hold bowls and holders. This kitchen sink idea is innovative, creative, and enticing. This sink is more than just a sink!

20. Chiselled Granite Sink Design For Kitchen


Let’s bring a little bit of the outdoors to decorate our kitchen interior. What features this granite kitchen is the roughly chiseled apron, offering a rustic nature splash to the luxury kitchen interior. This kitchen gathers both modern and rustic touches.

21. Circular Sink


If you like unusual things, give this unexpected kitchen design a try. This wonderful circular sink in chrome comes with a bowl holder to a suitable set of sink faucet. Get this elegant, sleek, and modern kitchen upgrade. It is a brightening new addition to make your kitchen looks more glamorous 

22. Fabulous Gold


When we think about shiny things, we automatically think about gold. It is enticing and luxurious, classic, and elegant. For a shiny kitchen, you can add the muted sheen of gold with a fit-in collection of golden sink and faucet. As for the rest of the kitchen, you can color it with greys and blues so that your kitchen maintains shiny. 

23. Modern Black


When you merge double bowl black granite with the white kitchen, the result will be enticing. This double bowl black granite is innovative, elegant, and minimalist. The black color distinguishes the bright white kitchen interior, and the chrome faucet collection adds a little sheen to the smooth and modern ensemble as well.   

24. Sink Drawer Organizer


To keep your kitchen organized, clean, and posh, you can rely on this sink drawer organizer in which you can hide washing elements, such as scrubs, sponges, and dishwashing soap. These small compartments help you, your kitchen sink, and the counters to be clean and organized every day.

25. Wood Basin


For wood and rustic touch lovers, this sink is made of strong wood like mahogany and walnut, the sink is also protected by a coating of resin epoxy. This wood basin adds a rustic farmhouse touch. By attempting this sink, you will get a durable, enticing, and shiny wood basin.


26. Delightful Bronze


The secret behind this eye-catching kitchen is the combination of the bright sheen of bronze and the warm glow of the wood. The silver faucet collection and the elegant look of the kitchen look complete each other and give such a result. 

27. Covered Sink Idea


This modern sink completes the glossy black minimalist kitchen island. The chrome sink edges and faucet give comfort to the all-black ensemble. Moreover, it is multi-functional, and it will match the apartments and small homes more. 

28. Steel Efficiency


A double bowl steel sink, matching steel racks, frosted chrome faucet fittings, and a cool grey countertop are the components that feature this efficient kitchen. The stylish sheen and air of efficiency of the sink highly suit and complete this minimalist kitchen pattern.

29. Black Soapstone Kitchen Sink Idea


This kitchen sink design is perfect for the house that contains a large number of family members, and thanks to its length, it can integrate all washing items. The sink will last long, and its deep black tone completes the neutral color schemes of the modern minimalist. This basin is made of tough soapstone.

30. Cutting Board Insert


The idea of this kitchen sink is unique. This cutting board does its mission perfectly, and it also acts as a sink cover, and this is what distinguishes this basin. It precisely fits the size of the sink as well as the island countertop, and for easy handling of this cutting board, you will find two slots on both of its sides. 

31. A corner Sink


This corner kitchen sink is made of composite granite, and it includes two bowls for washing the different items as well as a sink. It is posh, innovative, and elegant.

32.  Modern Minimalist


A classic minimalist, neutral colors, clean lines, and functional designs are the elements that feature this modern minimalist kitchen sink. Its double sink accentuates the functionality and pattern. Smooth metal sinks that suit the faucet and ensembles the luxurious ash grey marble counters.

33. Granite Low Divide Sink Design For Kitchen


The low gap kitchen sink feature helps you wash several things at the same time, or when you want to divide the different items in the sink. It gives you a width and convenience of a large sink and another bowl to separate the elements.

34. Modern Black Ceramic


Blend the smooth gloss of retro ceramic with the flat matte surfaces of innovative designs because the double bowl ceramic sinks offer a glossy contrast to the matte black and grey color of the kitchen. Usually, the dark interior receives a comfort to the chrome faucet, and the grey light splashes back the tiles.

35. Double Bowl Marble


This sink design doesn’t need any additional touches to make it look elegant because it is luxurious and flawless. The thing that it needs is to use its just right materials. The white marble sink is highly matching the simple chrome faucet and completes the marble countertop. 

36. The rotating Sink


When the engineer is creative!

This round kitchen sink idea possesses partial plates with varied functions and a pair of chopping boards, and it is designed for the highest efficiency and user convenience. Its mode of employment is easy because it works like a Lazy Daisy. Thus, you can reach every part easily. This is what the busy kitchens need!

37. Trash Collector


We don’t cook well or wash well if we are surrounded by trash and vice versa. This kitchen sink idea will help to eliminate the trash instantly. This aluminum tin garbage can is installed flush on the countertop. It is easy to be cleaned, easy to be moved, and it is strongly covered so that it improves sanitation.

38. A Garden Sink


Providing your kitchen with life and vivid feeling will make you full of positive energy, and this is what we need while doing our chores. The plants will also brighten the kitchen with colors so that you won’t waste money on purchasing expensive spices and herbs. Look for the plants that you can plant in your kitchen. This post may help you if you want to know more about plants, how to deal with them, and they need to live longer.

39. Clear Window Kitchen Sink Idea


This kitchen sink idea will make the kitchen your favorite place. There is nothing better than washing and preparing meals in front of a wonderful view of the outdoors because it makes the dreary activities joyful and easy. Don’t hesitate to install a large glass window over your kitchen sink so that you can enjoy every single moment in your bright kitchen.

40. Matte Black Corner


This modern matte black corner contains one full round bowl and a half semi-circular on the other side. And it is featured by the basin with two bowls and a drainer. The kitchen corner counter is specialized just for the sink.

41. Sink Caddy


To keep your kitchen sink clean and neat, go for this sink caddy that organizes your kitchen sink items such as the scrubs and sponges. This caddy is very handy so that you can easily reach it. Its smooth design fits the elegant minimalist design of the sink. 

42. Black Steel Farmhouse


You will not find any difficulties in cleaning this black steel farmhouse sink, which is featured by the minimalist lines. It is completed by the frosted chrome faucet, and to wood counters that accentuate the country style of the interiors. You will get an elegant and innovative appearance while maintaining the charms of the design if you update your farmhouse sink. 

43. Concrete Undermount


Wipe and dry, this is how it works with this concrete undermount. It is easy to keep and clean up water splash. This bare concrete sink gives an unexpected and exceptional touch to the kitchen.

44. Marvelous Marble


What features this marvelous kitchen sink design is the combination of the luxurious marble and the rich sheen of gold. Accentuating the delicate marble veins, the full basin bowl shows smooth corners and a golden strainer, fitting the elegant and standard two-handle golden faucet.

45. Wood Party Sink


This wood party is distinguished by its unique idea and design. You can easily turn it into a party hub. The fact that the food is close to the preparation of the serving area makes the hosting parties practical and easier. Don’t worry about cleaning. It is easier than you think!

46. Raw and Rustic


This raw and rustic kitchen basin is hand-carved, and it shows its natural grooves as well as color and texture. This carved solid stone kitchen sink in an heirloom, and it lasts so long. If you love the rustic touches, this sink will please you by adding character and rustic feeling to any innovative  house and interior design.

47. Italian Fireclay


If you want a charming white kitchen, consider the apron design. This kitchen sink idea gives an Italian bucolic look. It is featured by the graceful baby blue swirls adorn the apron of this farmhouse pattern sink. Also, this collection of the classic bronze faucet, shiplap splashback, and the classic cast iron cabinet hinges give an enticing and complete look to the kitchen.

48. Modern Granite Ensemble


This sink is made with a creative design. It has two sinks. The big one is the main, and the smaller one is for the separating washings. It also contains a draining section that doubles as a chopping board so that you won’t dirt a bunch of dishes. With this kitchen sink design, cooking will be a piece of cake, and washing the different items will be so easy! 

49. Farmhouse Hammered Copper


The hammered copper sink possesses two bowls, and the larger one is for the bigger different items and dishes. This bright kitchen sink accentuates an enticing etched pattern on its apron and insides of the both bowls. The posh faucet highly suits the sink and gives an impressive look to the whole space.

50. Concrete Island Sink KItchen Sink Design



Another idea of installing the sink at the end of the kitchen island, this idea will save space so that it can be doubled as your breakfast or dining table. This kitchen sink idea is exceptional, innovative, and worth experimenting.


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