25 Nightstand Ideas to a New Look in Your Small Bedroom

Do you have a tiny bedroom, and you find it so challenging to look for small bedroom nightstands that will fit your bedroom? Don’t worry because we have got the suitable solutions for you.

It does not matter how small your bedroom might be, but what really matters is to have a space in which you will gather all your essential and adorable things. In this post, we have picked for you 25 small nightstands for bedrooms, all of them are enticing and will surely inspire you.

Narrow Small Nightstands for Bedroom

Narrow small nightstands are like standard nightstands in a small version.

1- A traditional Touch in the Small Bedroom Nightstands

Nightstand Ideas for a Small Bedroom

We will first start with this simple nightstand. It has a drawer that can be used for storage, the tiny space of the drawer can accommodate your glasses, your phone, the books that you read recently, and your other essentials. As for the space on top, it can be used for the lamp, the books that you are in the process of reading, and for a small decor.

2- Two-drawer Nightstand

Nightstand Ideas for a Small Bedroom

In case you have so many essentials that one drawer cannot adequate, you would better choose a two-drawer nightstand so that you will keep all your necessary things beside you.

3- Small Nightstands for Bedroom with More storage Area


If you love to invest in old objects, like us, we recommend creating like this nightstand from an old table and some unused woods. You will come with an enticing nightstand that no one thought of before. The three-drawer equipment is suitable for both nightstands and the storage as well. And if you still need more space, you can add a toe-kick drawer.

4- A Tall nightstand

Nightstand Ideas for a Small Bedroom

This nightstand can act as a drawer, cabinet, and as open storage.  It can give 360-degree satisfaction. It has lots of available space, which can beer the lamp and more other necessary stuff. Better than that, you can hang the lampshade and make that space just for the essentials.

Wall-mounted Nightstands

Wall-mounted nightstand has lots of features, among these characteristics is that it will avoid the clutter of legs, it will save you more space, it will make you feel that your pieces of equipment are lighter, and it will make the cleaning of your floor easier. It works, particularly with busy people.

5- A small Metal Shelf and a Clip-on Lamp

Nightstand Ideas for a Small Bedroom

Most of us look for lamps that have good quality and fewer prices, and the small metal shelf has gathered these two features. It costs only $10, and it has a good looking and quality. You can paint it with your favorite color and mount it on the wall.

The clip-on lamp is from The Land of Nod (Now Crate & Kids)

6- IKEA Shelves

Nightstand Ideas for a Small Bedroom

IKEA has brought a catching idea for its consumers! IKEA shelves are so easy to install on the wall in a place where you can smoothly get them. Shehzeen of Desi Wonder Woman employed two shelves for the nightstand of her husband as it is shown in the image.

You have the right to choose one, two, or even three shelves. It is your decision.

7- A Little Shelf by the Beside

Nightstand Ideas for a Small Bedroom

We also thought of the people who have almost no space beside their beds. The solution is to mount a little shelf that will hold just the essentials, such as your bowel or glass of water, your phone, or your book that you read before sleeping. 

8- A Tiny wooden nightstand

Nightstand Ideas for a Small Bedroom

This nightstand can hold just a very small plat and only one book. If you are just like me, this is almost what I put in my nightstand. 

This DIY project was an idea for the living room, but then this inspiring idea has also been applied as a small nightstand for bedrooms. It is so easy to create such a nightstand. You have to give it a try.

9- An Old Drawer and a Lightbulb

If you love DIY, you will find this idea astonishing.

Nightstand Ideas for a Small Bedroom

You can create a simple nightstand from an old drawer in the following steps. Varnish the drawer with sandpaper until it becomes smooth enough, mount it to the wall, and then bind the cord of lamp into the drawer’s knob.

Nightstand Ideas for a Small Bedroom

We recommend not trying this idea unless you can be comfortable with an exposed electrical cord.

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10- A Wooden Shelf with Underneath space

Nightstand Ideas for a Small Bedroom

Here is an idea to keep all your essential stuff in your nightstand, but without making it appear full.

Nightstand Ideas for a Small Bedroom

The idea here is to install a shelf next to the outlet so that you can charge your phone easily, place the lamp, alarm clock, phone, water, and décor on the top, and then install your books as well as the essentials below.

11- Open Shelves and a Plate on a Separate Table

Nightstand Ideas for a Small Bedroom

Another idea to gain more space aside from the floating shelves is to put a plate on a table where you will put your favorite plant or the oils that you use. The plate adds a chic touch in your small bedroom. One thing to bear in mind, don’t put all your essentials on that plate if you want to get a relaxing atmosphere. The overloaded plate will make a mess in the space, and this is what we are trying to avoid. It is preferable to keep it simple.

12- Bookcase Shelves

Nightstand Ideas for a Small Bedroom

Now, we will talk about this kind of bookcase. It has two types of bookcase shelves. There is a larger and rectangular one, and the other one has the shape of a cube.

They act as small bedroom nightstands where you can put your books, notebooks, and your essentials as well. To enjoy and gain more space on the shelf, you can hide most of the electrical cord by mounting the bulb on the wall.

As an additional idea, you can try combining different individual bookcase shelves if you have so many essentials to put on.

13- Basket as  Small bedroom nightstands

Nightstand Ideas for a Small Bedroom
Apartment Therapy via Pinterest

Most of the time, most people install the basket at the bottom, to gather their essentials. We have got inspired by this idea, and we came up with this idea which is about hanging the basket and making it a small nightstand. The basket, in fact, is adaptable and you can put it anywhere. So give it a try, it will satisfy you. 

14- Concealed Floating Drawer

Nightstand Ideas for a Small Bedroom

If you want to make the surface of your nightstand free, you can give the floating drawer a try so that you will pick up your essentials easily as well as you will make them hidden from other’s sight. 

15- Two-shelf Wooden Box

Nightstand Ideas for a Small Bedroom

The function of this narrow box is to hold books underground. It also contains a tiny space which is for your other necessary stuff, such as the alarm clock and everything that suits the wooden box’s size.

16- Small DIY Table

Nightstand Ideas for a Small Bedroom

This simple nightstand is created from a wood slice and copper pipe, and it is so easy to create such one.

Connect it with a large table to put on it more essentials, but if you have a few essentials, that wood slice would be enough for you. It is more suitable for water and a book.

17- A piece of Log

Nightstand Ideas for a Small Bedroom
Bed Bath More via Pinterest

Just a piece of a log! This kind of nightstand is considered the simplest one.  All that you have to do is to treat it, polish it, and it next to your bed. Now you can enjoy your new small nightstand.

18- An Ordinary Chair Turned Into small Nightstands for Bedroom

Nightstand Ideas for a Small Bedroom

If you don’t want to waste your money to purchase new small bedroom nightstands, you can simply use one of your chairs, and it will do the trick. A lot of people use their chairs to maintain their books and notes on it, and by this, you will avoid the mess, and you will not find any difficulties while grabbing them.

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19- A Skateboard and a Stool

Nightstand Ideas for a Small Bedroom

As for the people who have low beds, we have come up with an extremely good idea for you. It is a skateboard for a nightstand. You are maybe wondering what to do to stop the skateboard if it gets rolling, the answer is that the stool support will stop it. You can add another space if you have more essentials, such as a small chair.  

20- LACK Wall Shelf

Nightstand Ideas for a Small Bedroom

Here is another exceptional idea from IKEA. It will precisely suit your bed corner because it is under-12-inches wide. By getting this, you will not have to have separate nightstands because IKEA’s idea is already working on one.

21- A Drope Table

Nightstand Ideas for a Small Bedroom

Such a great idea! This equipment can have two goals. It can be used as a nightstand as well as a working table, when you finish your work you can simply drop the table.

A small part of it is fixed in the wall where you can put your necessary things. The socket which is at the bottom is for the lights and also to charge your phone in an easy way. 

22- Creative and Chic DIY Nightstand

Nightstand Ideas for a Small Bedroom

Here is another idea of DIY. An unused table can be turned to a small nightstand for bedrooms. So try it if you have one.

This table had four legs. Two legs were cut to suit the height of the wanted nightstand, it was sanded and spray-painted with pink, and then a brace was placed to the wall, and the table was linked to it.

Nightstand Ideas for a Small Bedroom
Bed Bath More via Pinterest

You can use any shape and color you prefer. It is not necessarily for the nightstand to have four legs.

23- Hanging Nightstand

Nightstand Ideas for a Small Bedroom

The idea of the hanging nightstand is about cutting a table and hanging it in the air through a cable and a hook on the ceiling. It is so simple. You can change the table with a wood slice or anything you prefer.

Nightstand Ideas for a Small Bedroom

24- Trolly Tray Nightstand

Nightstand Ideas for a Small Bedroom

The nightstands that move easily are one of the best small nightstands for beds because you can move them whenever you want.

With the wheels, the nightstand can move easily, and it can have plenty of purposes, e.g., it can be craft storage, study table, and it will gather all your essentials.

Nightstand Ideas for a Small Bedroom

If you are interested in a smaller one, you can try a nightstand with three trays.

25- Part of the Bed

Nightstand Ideas for a Small Bedroom
Better Homes & Gardens via Pinterest

This nightstand also saves space. It is a part of the bed. When you feel that you don’t need a nightstand, you can put it out, and when you feel like you need it just turn it back. This nightstand is from Better Homes & Gardens via Pinterest.

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