Creative Coffee Table Ideas


The most important part about the living room is the coffee tables because coffee tables are the first thing that catches your eye when you first enter a living room.

And because it is the center of the room, we decided to provide you with plenty of inspiring coffee table new design to make your room deserves attention with its creative and unique appearance. So if you are looking for a coffee table, you would better look for the idea of a coffee table new design that will fit your desire.

In this post, we have come with the most 15 inspiring ideas that will encourage you to alter your coffee table design and try a new one to give your room a strong appearance.

1. Cassette Tape Coffee Table Design


We will start first with the idea of a cassette tape coffee table that has a unique feature. It looks just like the original cassette tape that we used in the past as well as the wood color that adds a strong country sense, and this makes it classic and gives the space a vintage feeling. 

Some more details concerning this table, it is made of birch wood. And the original pattern provided with cup handles and LED light. Still, you can personalize what you prefer. What is essential here is to make this coffee table as the component that handles the room together.

2. Nintendo Controller Coffee Table


The idea of this coffee table is fun and interesting as well.

This Nintendo controller coffee table has two roles. First, when coffee time comes, you can easily place your glass top on top of the table. Second, when game time comes, you can reconnect Nintendo cords so that the buttons above look as if it is real.


This coffee table design is created not just for coffee, but also for playing and having fun directly from the table so you will not feel bored. 

For more details, there are so many material choices, but it’s better to always try maple, mahogany, or walnut wood for long and perfect stability.


3. Foosball Game For Coffee Table Design


This idea is really genius!

When you finish drinking coffee with our friends you will never feel bored if you use this foosball game coffee table. For one reason, it will create fun. For another, it will fit any place in your home even in your man cave.

For more details about this coffee table design, it is made of elegant wood and frame. The wood and the glass top will support a formal situation if you want to keep it in your living room.

4. Computer Board Coffee Table New Design


When you first see this kind of coffee table, you will tell yourself that it’s a weird invention. But hey, it is the right choice for computer lovers. 

Channelize your inner nerd through this see-through coffee table. When people will enter your living room and see this coffee table, the first impact is to know that you are a computer lover.

More details about this table, it is created of wood frames with a rather dark color and glass on both sides and the top of it.

The feeling of attempting a coffee table new design is exhilarating. So give a try and send us your feedback!

5. Arcade Board Game Coffee Table


If your conversation with your friend is full of awkward silence, consider your problem solved with this arcade board game coffee table!


This coffee table provides a joyful atmosphere and it is a wonderful sample of when mundane meets creativity. The secret of its 19-inch LCD under the glass top is that The LCD gives that traditional playroom games complete with two sets of controllers. Like this, you will have fun with all of your small family and with your friends as well. No more awkward silence with your friends.


6. Out of the Ordinary Coffee Table with Axes


Not everyone can think about such an idea!

This extraordinary table was created by Chris Duffy’s initially, and he dubbed it the woodsman axe coffee table.

This coffee table is practical, and it has a strong character. As you might know, the axes must be blunt to avoid any possible injuries, but it requires a certain level of masculinity to employ them as table support.

7. Surfing Board Coffee Table


If you love Hawaii and its ambiance, this coffee table design is mainly for you then.

The idea of this coffee table is unique. It is originally used surface board, pre-polished, and beatified to take this enticing look finally. 


This kind of board adds a country value to space because it Back to the old 50s, and the blue is used to remind you of the ocean.

You can use this kind of board coffee table either on your beach in front of the condo or front of the terrace. The living room is not its only place.

8. Simple Wooden Pallet Coffee Table on Wheels


It is the first time in which you see a table like this one, I think.

This coffee table has a simple and fascinating look at the same time. The wood pallets that are in this table have a strong appearance, and they make the table distinguished among the other pieces of fortune, but the hardwood floor.

You can install wheels on each wooden support so that to make it’s transferring easier and to move it around and whenever you want. The wheels will be convenient when you want to have a sip of coffee outside. The table can be polished to make it looks more intriguing as a finishing touch.

9. Convenient Modern Coffee Table with Rotatable Discs


Nowadays, we consider the products that have multi-purpose equipment the most fascinating and extraordinary. This coffee table has a unique shape and function as well, it has rotating discs designed for maintaining small stuff like books, DVDs, and for many other small things. And it is dubbed by people by interactive.

Some details concerning this coffee table design, it has a lot of different colors to choose the color that fits you and fits your living room design with just “37.4 width x 37.4” diameter x 15.7” height, so that you can place it anywhere.

10. A See-through Treasure Chest Coffee Table


This coffee table is made of see-through glass, and it has two aspects. The first focuses on this special coffee table, and the second aspect is that it has a rustic trunk.

Also, even though it is made of see-through glass it still accentuates its country element on each angle and the model of its keyhole so that you can feel that old and rustic sense to the living area. 

More details about this unique table, it is so simple and will highly fit the people who are fond of simplicity.  With 36 inches in width by 16 inches in depth by 18 inches in height, that trunk can fit a small bunch of books, i.e., if you love sipping your coffee while reading your favorite books, this coffee table will precisely work with you.

11. DIY Wooden Milk Crate Coffee Table


As for the people who are fond of the rustic and vintage touches, this tale is made for you.

This coffee table has a natural color that brings a relaxing feeling to the space. And the wooden pallets that are placed differently to give a unique look, especially when you leave the middle part empty and profit it in planting your favorite plant to add a rustic feeling to your living room. You can leave the space under this table just for books and other joyful staff.

12. Oak Barrel Coffee Table with Storage


This coffee table idea has a bunch of advantages. Let us count some of them.

This table saves money, it is efficient, and it can be functional as huge storage. Also, this table can be opened by cutting an entryway on one side of the table store or using the existing opening above. This coffee table can be mixed well in a living room.

It will provide your living room with an enticing rustic look.

13. Modern Gas Fire Coffee Table


This coffee table is so simple, yet it looks so modern and elegant.

People who love the backyard will be impressed by this table because it will suit them. Besides, this table acts as a gas fire pit, and it would be perfect in cold nights with a cup of coffee and warm. The fact of imaging this moment gives me a huge desire to get like this table.

14. A Glass Display Coffee Table


For those who have been collecting the seashell or unique rocks that they have been collecting from the shore and they are proud of, be ready because we have come with a coffee table design that will surely impress you!

Now you have the chance to install your precious rocks and seashells in your coffee table just like the one in the image. Your priceless collection must not have been ignored.

15. Fish Tank Coffee Table


When we think out of the box, we usually get surprising results like this coffee table!

This coffee table design can be considered as a table and an aquarium because it plays both these roles. And if you are a lover of fish and aquarium, you can easily get one to enjoy your favorite view while sipping your coffee. 


This unique coffee table new design is provided with an aquarium under the glass top, and this aquarium is made of acrylic and diagonal glass, so it is very safe to keep a living fish. And don’t forget to create conversations with your new friend, the fish.

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