25 Unconventional Celebrity Homes You Should See Today


Most of us, while thinking about celebrities’ houses, we immediately imagine that they possess extraordinary houses. Rich and famous people may have a great tendency for chef’s kitchens, upscale simplicity decor, and endless pools, but when you will take a look at their real houses you will discover that all things mentioned above are very traditional in comparison with celebrities real houses.

On one hand, some celebrities do not tend to the traditional life, so they decided to choose the modern one and bought untraditional properties. On the other hand, some celebrities have chosen to spend a small amount of money on outlandish comforts. While other stars have decided to take residency in possessed houses (weird, isn’t it?). Not all stars have the same taste in houses because there is another type of stars who live in modern and small ones.

Celebrities might have untraditional amenities in term of form and function; but in fact, they are multi-million far from old traditional mansions every time we imagine or think about celebrities’ real estate.

Here, you will find 25 untraditional celebrities’ houses. From winding fosse, to off-cut properties, to houses with an unusual windmill, and so many other amazing houses.

1. Tom Ford’s Cinematic Crib

Tom Ford's Cinematic Crib
Courtesy of Kevin Bobolsky Group.

Tom Ford’s former New Mexico farm is the best place to invite movie enthusiasts. His farm is featured by a collection of old-school Western, which has made the inscription in Thor and 3:10 to Yemma. This is the weird touch of the fashion- designer who has become a director.

2. Lil Wayne’s Aquatic Adobe

Lil' Wayne's Aquatic Abode
Courtesy of Zillow.

Have you ever seen a floor-to-ceiling fish tank? If so, were you thinking that the fish tank was severed? The rapper Lil’ Wayne’s old Miami board the ante with an outside pool for sharks. WOW, astonishing!

3. Tom Brady & Gisele Bundchen’s Castle Crib

Tom Brady & Gisele Bundchen's Castle Crib
Courtesy of MLS.

The midfielder and supermodel have got a royal treatment through their impressive house in Brentwood adobe, which was surrounded by a moat. That is fantastic!


4. Dwyane Wade & Gabrielle Union’s Regal Residence

Dwyane Wade & Gabrielle Union's Regal Residence
Courtesy of Zillow.

Speaking of trenches, it does not look just like a colossal fortress only, but it also boasts a huge koi pond and an entertaining focal point.

5. Shaquille O’Neal’s Puff Palace

Shaquille O’Neal's Puff Palace
Courtesy of The Agency.

Shaquille O’Neal, the former basketball player, he calls his old house “Shaq-apulco”. His house is untraditional enough because he boasts unusual amenities like a cigar humidifier. Really!


6. ­Ron Howard’s Star-Studded Space

Ron Howard's Star-Studded Space
Courtesy of Zillow.

If you want a suitable place to watch the stars, head Ron Howard’s former Connecticut who has a private observatory deck.   

7. Oprah’s Equestrian Estate

Oprah's Equestrian Estate
Courtesy of Zillow.

Talk show host, humanitarian, actor, and horse riding. If the horse farm at Oprah’s Montecito farm is an indication, all signs indicate yes.

8. Neil Patrick Harris’ Magic Marvel

Neil Patrick Harris' Magic Marvel
Courtesy of Brandon Vogts/Zillow.

At the first glimpse, if you see Neil Patrick Harris’ former Sherman Oaks space looks traditional, Barry Stinson would tell you, this is an untraditional room, it is a myth. 

9. John Travolta’s Aviation Abode

John Travolta's Aviation Abode
Courtesy of Chris Livingston/Stringer for Getty Images.

The Grease star has taken his love of airplanes to new heights by moving to Jumbolair Aviation Estates a community that allows its residents to park their planes near their front door.

10. Johnny Depp’s Haute Hamlet

Johnny Depp's Haute Hamlet
Courtesy of Hilton & Hyland.

The majority of celebrities have a couple of Hectares at their disposition. But Johnny Depp who has his house in southern France is totally different from them. Do you know why? Because he has a small village, complete with a few country houses, a bar, and a restaurant. JUST WOW!

11. Celine Down ion’s Water Wonderland

Celine Dion's Water Wonderland
Courtesy of Zillow.

Do you want to become wet and wild? Go to Celine Dion’s former Jupiter Island house, which has its water park.


12. Brad Pitt& Angelina Jolie Personal Vineyard  

Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie's Personal Vineyard
Courtesy of Getty Images/Philip Ramey Photography, LLC.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have lived every oenophile’s dream by bundling an outrageous mansion with a functioning vineyard. 

13- Patrick Dempsey’s Trendy Trailer

Patrick Dempsey's Trendy Trailer
Courtesy of Hilton & Hyland.

Stars cannot be content of the Airstream trend. Patrick Dempsey also added one to his Malibu mansion, the perfect place to have a moment of resolution, if you asked our recommendation.

14. 50 Cent’s Party Pad

50 Cent's Party Pad
Courtesy of Realtor.com.

Most people when they want to ship out on a night on the town, they are often taking the adventure out of their home. 50 Cent, on the other side, maintains the party close with his personal nightclub at home.

15. Kristin Cavallari’s Functioning Farmhouse

Kristin Cavallari's Functioning Farmhouse
Courtesy of Realtor.com.

Kristin Cavallari is totally different from other celebrities; she is far from her Laguna Beach in which she was raised. She preferred to live in her farmhouse with chicken coops, goat barns, horse stables

16. Vincent Kartheiser Pint-Sized Place

Vincent Kartheiser Pint-Sized Place
Courtesy of Realtor.

Vincent Kartheiser Pint has a very small house clocking in at 603 square feet; it is featured by the concealed bed that falls from the ceiling. It is a luxury option of a Murphy bed.


17. Richard Branson

Courtesy of Realtor.
Courtesy of Getty Image/Marka.

Even the most seaside chalets become less attractive when compared to Richard Branson Private Island.

18- Nicolas Cage’s Haunted House.

Nicholas Cage's Haunted House
Courtesy of Realtor.com.

Nicholas cage’s former New Orleans digs has a horrible past, this space is located in the famous French quarter and it is considered as the most possessed houses.

19. Kat Von D’s Spooky Space

Kat Von D's Spooky Space
Courtesy of Trulia.

Of course, you don’t need to live in a possessed house to get a scary space. Instead, take a hint from Kat von D, who turned this Spanish-style mansion in Los Angeles into a gothic entrance.

20- Katy Perry’s Convert Crib 

Katy Perry's Convent Crib
Courtesy of Variety.

Katy Perry had tried to buy this monastery for $14, 5 million, but the nuns of the property refused her offer and attempted to sell the property to another bidder. After a legal battle, the court favored Katy Perry and awarded her $5 million.

21. Robert Downey Jr.’s Whimsical Windmill

Robert Downey Jr.'s Whimsical Windmill
Courtesy of Brown Harris Stevens.

Iron Man’s windmill-clad home giving some serious Moulin Rogue feelings. Did you feel it as we did? 

22. Bill Gates High-Tech roots

Bill Gates' High-Tech Roots
Courtesy of Getty Images/Dan Callister/Stringer.

As it is hearsay, Bill Gates possesses a group of high-tech amenities. He has a heated walkway, an underwater acoustic system in the pool, and a trampoline room. More than that, his guests receive a pin on arrival which will automatically change the room’s temperature and lighting based on their moods. Get ready Bill Gates, I will visit you one day!

23. Penn Jillette’s Kooky Corners                 

Penn Jillette's Kooky Corners
Courtesy of Realtor.com.

In 2015, the famous magician had bought this colorful place. He Was calling it “ the Slammer”. Even Penn Jillette had sold his house for $1,88, but it will remain as one of the most daring houses in the history of celebrities real estate

24. Jackie Siegel’s Modern Palace

Jackie Siegel's Modern Palace
Courtesy of Realtor.com

Jackie Siegel, the specialist and documentary star, has spent so many years creating a statewide version of Versailles which costs millions of dollars. Obviously, it is not as traditional as it gets.

25. Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch

Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch
Courtesy of Getty Images/Jason Mitchell.

A tour of funky celebrity homes without a Neverland farm at Michael Jackson Farm will not be completed. With a dance studio, lake-shaped pool, and park rides, the 2,700-acre estate was the official mansion of the late pop kin.

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